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Employee Tour and Training Management Software

Employee Tour and Training Management Software

With the implementation of Tour and Training Management Software, company representative can track, record and manage tour and training details (including Time, Sales, Industrial, Stress management and other training types) of their office staff members with professional approach.

So if you are a large business firm with thousands of employees or just own small business with few professionals, the highly reliable and simple to operate Employee Tour and Training Management Software can be beneficial for company HR department, managers, IT department and other users in simplified way.

Employee Tour and Training Management Software Screenshots

Tour and Training Management Software

Select the option "Create New Company" to Start with new Company.

Click Here For More ScreenshotsCompany Creation

Enter details such as Company Name, Phone No, Email etc. Click on "Next".

Select Company for Login

Select any one Company from the List. The List shows Company Code and Company Name.

User Verification

User Verification can be done by entering values such as Company Code, User Name and Password. Then, Click on "Login".

Delete Employee

After Login, Delete Selected Employee and all associated records by entering Details like Employee ID, Joining Date etc.

Software Advance Features :

  • Software easily creates and maintains multiple company employee Tour and Training details at one place.
  • Password protected feature help to keep your company records secure from external user.
  • Generate various reports including Company Reports, Employee Reports, Tour and Training Reports with flexible print settings.
  • Software can generate Tour and Training Pass of employee going for tours/training.
  • Administrator can assign limited rights and accessibility of software to subordinates or juniors.
  • Data Connectivity feature connects selected company database records to view and edit its information.
  • Software facilitates to take data backup so that it will be preserved in case of failure, accidental deletion or other data loss events.
  • Software is scalable and flexible to manage according to company specific tour and training needs and requirements.

Software Working Features :

  • Manage your company or business books quickly and easily.
  • Generate various accounting reports with printable option (as per user convenience) like Stock report, Final report, Sales report, Production report etc to know about company funds and financial position of your business.
  • Manage all the business transaction related expenses effectively and efficiently.
  • Quickly make financial statements (including P&L statements, balance sheet, ledger report etc)
  • Help to manage the business financial transitions of a company effectively.
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