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Employee Payroll Software

Employee Planner and Payroll software is fully capable to manage company records accurately and efficiently. Records employee’s incoming-outgoing timing details, attendance status report, staff rosters shifts, salary details, leave information and other statically details in clear and timely manner.

Powerful yet easy to use employee and staff scheduling program is useful for small to large scale industries for planning staff activities and daily work details systematically. Provides option to analyze and print company and employee reports to evaluate overall performance.

Employee Payroll Software Screenshots

Employee Planner

Choose "Create New Company" from the options to create a new Company.

Click Here For More ScreenshotsCompany Creation

Enter details like Company Name, Address, Website etc. in the Company Creation. Click on "Next".

Select Company for Login

Select any one Company from the list showing Company Code and Company Name.

User Verification

Enter Company Code, User Name and Password for User Verification. Then Click on "Login".

General Details

In the left Panel, Select Employee and Click on "Add Employee". Now, Select General Details to change the Main Details and Contact Details.

Software Working Features :

  • Schedule the overall activities of the company employees in a better organized manner.
  • Manage multiple company records accurately and efficiently.
  • Sustain tour and training details of staff members when they are out of workplace.
  • Manage employee’s incoming-outgoing timing records.
  • Maintain employee daily attendance status report.
  • Prepare the records of staff shifts.
  • Manage expenses (paid for goods and services) and increment/decrement on salary.
  • Maintain the employee leave records.
  • Keep record of employee payroll details (like S.No, Employee ID, Employee Name, Department, Salary Period etc).
  • Analyze and print company and employee reports.

Software Advance Features :

  • Generates tour and training passes for staff members going out on official tours or training session.
  • Allow users to take a print out of employee payroll payslip.
  • Make various reports like Employee Salary, Leave, Shift, Official details reports.
  • Provide data backup useful at the time of any data loss or software failure.
  • Data connectivity to view selected company database records for future reference.
  • Advanced password security features to protect an unauthorized user to access existing company records.
  • Manage records and payroll details of multiple company employees at one place.
  • Use less number of resources to manage company employee’s records.
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