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No need to bang your head into accounting books for manipulating sales-purchase database records

Advanced and flexible Purchase order software is used by large or small scale companies to manage and monitor sales/purchase records on a day to day basis to meet and fulfill target audience needs. Purchase order organizer tool generates various sales/purchase order details like Sales returns, Purchase returns, Expenses, Quote, Payment details, Purchase delivery report, Sales report, Invoice report and sales, Purchase order report, Receipt report, Order report etc accurately in a less span of time.

Purchase Order Software Screenshots

Accounting Details

Click on "Accounting Details" to add Accounts Details, Date Format and Bank Details. Then Click on "Save".

Click Here For More ScreenshotsVendor Details

Enter the Vendor Details such as Vendor No, Vendor Name and Email Address with Remarks and Account Status.

Client/Customer Details

Enter the billing details of the Client in "Bill To Details". Enter the shipping details of the Client in "Ship To Details".

Print Options

Click on "Print Options". Now, Select columns to print selected information of client and Rows to print how many client's information to be displayed.

Print preview

Now, Print preview displays the information of the customers and Bank Account details.

Software Working Features :

  • Search sales and purchase records in a less time.
  • Provide interactive and simple graphical user interface for non-technical users to operate the software without any help of technical experts.
  • Generate useful sales or purchase reports daily.
  • Keep account of all information like vendor details, item details, product details and other sales/purchase details systematically.

Software Other Features :

  • Economical and easy to operate.
  • Reliable and effective to provide information on time.

Software Advance Features :

  • Keep track of sales/purchase activities in an organized way.
  • Software is password protected to prevent unauthorized users to access and modify records.
  • Provides data backup and restore facility to manage the process in case of extensive accidentally data loss.
  • Saves valuable time and reduce human errors.
  • Reliable and cost-effective.
  • Save sales/purchase items reports at user defined location.
  • Inventory system keeps full records of customers and vendors.
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